Alta Gracia, Argentinia

We got to Alta Gracia in the early afternoon. It is a little town in the south-east of Córdoba and famous only because of it’s estancia of the Jesuits and because Che Guevara spent his childhood there. And that is where we went first, the house of Che Guevara.

The museum told us the story from Che as a little kid with asthma problems who was a very sharing person and the leader of his “gang”, to him as a revolutionary leader and finally his death in Bolivia. However it focused on his early years and therefore completed my Che-experience which started in Bolivia a good months ago. There were also some artifacts from his time as the President of the Cuban national bank:

Here is a view of the house his family moved in because they wanted to live in a surrounding with healthier air to help little Ernesto with his asthma problems:

After short stop at a nice bakery we went to see the Jesuit estancia just around the corner. Unfortunately the main church was under construction and therefore closed but it is a nice authentic complex nevertheless. Somehow we managed to start the security alarm two or three times and the guards weren’t happy with us anymore so we better got out of there.

View across the lake in the center called Tajamar of to the Jesuit church:

Back in Córdoba we went out to eat a good Asado(BBQ)-dinner which turned up to be really good and not even expensive. Definitely a must-do while in Argentina, even for vegetarians 😉 I mean of all the dishes offer at the salad buffet as side dishes about 70% included some kind of meat….

We directly swopped the blood sausage against normal Churrizos, which wasn’t any better because they were way too fatty. However all the rest of the dishes were great!


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