Italy and the unexpected Expo 2015

Since I have not updated this blog for a long time I’ll start again now with a short Roadtrip that took Gab and me to Northern Italy. The original plan was to go to Venice for a long weekend and also visit some cities around the north east of Italy (Veneto & Friuli-Venezia Guilia). However on the way out of Germany, with the last bit of German mobile Internet, a message of one of Gab’s friends asked us: “Are you going to the Expo?

First we didn’t know for sure what to make of it and with the German mobile Internet we lost the ability to ask her what she meant. By chance a part on the World Expo 2015 in Milano was aired on the radio, finally we understood what she was refering to and changed out plans to make Milano part of this trip. First Stop: Udine IMG_4920Udine has a nice little historical center, which can best seen from the small hill right next to it where the Piazzale del Castello is located. After climbing this hill and roaming the historical center we had some fried squid and wine before getting back to the car and making our way further south.IMG_4933Our second and final stop for the day was Trieste. Trieste is a big city and seaport in the northeast of Italy, just shy of the border to Slovenia. We arrived quite late at night but luckily on a public holiday so we found a free close to the city center. There we walked around the main square and relaxed a bit on the central before heading back to the hotel to get an early start the next day.  IMG_4939 The morning of the second day of our short trip we spent walking around Trieste and visiting some of it’s most interesting sights, such as the Teatro Romano, the Castello di San Giusto, the Cathedral (shown below), the Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia as well as the Canal Grande (second picture below).IMG_4964

IMG_4991After a drive on the crazy expensive Italien highway (10€ per 100km) we arrived in Venice at Parco San Giuliano to meet up with my friend Cate and her friend for a picknick. Parco San Giuliano is a nice, big park just outside of Vencie but still on the mainland. After we appeased our hunger with Italian snacks we made our way into rainy Venice. Cate showed us around Venice for the afternoon and we saw everything from little hidden carms to the big tourist attractions of Venice and hundreds of selfy-sticks in-between. Thanks for the tour Cate!

In the late afternoon we headed out of Venice to make our way to Milano for the EXPO 2015 the next day.



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