Arrival in South Africa and Swaziland

With a quick stop in Doha we arrived in Johannesburg in the early Thursday morning (06.10.2016). The first thing that awaited us there was an hour-long wait at the border control and another long wait at the car rental place – bring patience to Afrika 🙂 

But then we were finally “free” and cruising the long roads of the African countryside direction Swaziland.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere the road suddenly led us towards a bushfire and into a wall of smoke. Undetermined as ever, Gab who was driving led us directly into hell. In the middle of the thickest smoke (visibility was at maximum 1 meter) and with flames directly next to us, the engine stalled. As the glass on my passenger side was heating up and it became more difficult to breathe she managed to start the enigine again. We then continued creeping forward with close to zero visibility until we finally escaped the smoke!

On the further way to Swaziland we only made one more stop in a small town to buy some water and other supplies. In front of the local supermarket we also encountered a little dance party but unfortunately we had no time to join because we wanted to be at our campsite before dark (which in the end we didnt make because we underestimated how fast and early the sun sets here – at 6pm it is basically dark). 
Our camp was at the “Legends Backpacker” – a very cool spot outsite of Mbabane. Also fortunate for us the owner of the little restaurant next door didn’t seem to mind the we didn’t have any Emalengini (currency of Swaziland) yet as he told us to just pay next time we come by. When we came back to pay he had apparently already forgotten that we owed him…


One thought on “Arrival in South Africa and Swaziland

  1. Hallo, Ihr zwei WEltreisenden, passt schön auf, es gibt leider nur EIN LEBEN! kOMMT gesund zurück und riskiert nicht zu viel!!!,

    Ich würde Euch gern noch einmal wiedersehen, bis heute noch keine Post an Euch! Euch interessante, aber keine gefährlichen Begegnungen.

    Ich würde Euch gern einmal wiedersehen. Weiterhin alles Gute, bleibt gesund und froh, ich versuch es ebenso… Herzlich Oma Ruth

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