Five days of ups and downs: The Otter Trail I

After a great night’s sleep in the Storms River Mouth Rest Camp – a camping site in the Tsitsikamma National Park – we prepared out backbacks for the next five days. 

The Otter Trail is said to be the most beautiful hiking trail in South Africa. Only 12 hikers are allowed on the trail per day. For this reason, the Otter Trail is booked usually a year ahead. We had booked the trail in December 2015, and have been looking forward to it! 

With everything that we needed for the hike, including food (e.g. Meat for BBQ – aka. Braai as the South Africans would say). Gab started with 20kg and I started with 22kg (camera equipment in addition to Gab).

Day 1 – Start to Nguru hut

Here we are at the start of our 45km hike, happy and full of energy.

Some impressions of the amazing and beatiful places that we passed by on the way to the first hut:

In the first camp we met our fellow hiker for the next days. Among them them were Chris and Christian from Cape Town, Mike and Sharon from Johannesburg and a group of six girls from Johannesburg as well. Together with Chris, Christian, Mike and Sharon, we had a nice Braai while discussing interesting places to visit in South Africa as well as many other things.

Day 2 – Nguru to Scott hut

After an early night the previous day (after 6:45pm it is pretty much dark) we set out on the next day at 7:45am.

The hike took us past a nice little beach that was kind of hidden from the trail. For this reason we were the only ones out of our fellow hikers that actually went to this beach. So we had a nice and relaxed beach day until we finished our hike to the second camp in the late afternoon.

Scott hut in the light of the setting sun. Another braai later and most were exhausted from the day and went to sleep early. Gab and me stayed a while longer at the fireplace and were watching the hundreds of fireflies in the dark forest.

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