Five days of ups and downs: The Otter Trail III

Day 5 – Andre hut to Nature’s Valley

The last camp, Andre Hut, had one other highlight to offer – a toilet with a great view. That’s probably also why our start took a bit longer than usual 😜

Like all previous day, the last day started with a steep ascent up the cliffs to the plateau. From there the trail followed the cliff on the top of the plateau for the rest of the day with one small exception in a little river valley.

The Otter Trail ended – or at least we wished it did – at the stunning Nature’s Valley beach. As we had been told at the beginning, the end of the trail used to be at Nature’s Valley, but another 2km was recently added. This turned out to be more like 4km and the most boring walk as well (the additional kilometers followed a jeep trail through the forest that took us to the checkout point)! There we received our Otter Trail certificate that reads “I survived the Otter!”

At the local restaurant we met up with the rest of our hiking buddies to enjoy a cold beer and our first meal back in civilisation. We also signed a stained shirt (used for filtering the disgusting water at camp of day 3) to leave as our reminder at the Otter Trail Tree.

To proof that this trail really isn’t a walk in the park, check out the map and the profile of the trail below:

After our meal in Nature’s Valley, our fellow hiker Chris and Christian offered us a ride back to the beginning of the Otter Trail where we had parked our car. We drove the short ride to Plettenberg Bay, had a walk around, some wine and a nice tapas dinner before quickly falling asleep.