Beach days at Knysna and Wilderness

We had a relaxed morning in Plettenberg Bay with breakfast at the beach and a short look around town before heading out to Knysna (pronounced Nysna).

At Knysna, we spent some time in the touristic town centre and water front as well the retirement-home-like Thesen’s Island. The view from the head’s viewpoint into the Knysna bay and towards the ocean side was also a nice sight (pic below). 

The later afternoon we spent at the lonely Noetzie beach. It is a very nice beach, but it is also surrounded by well-guarded private estates bordering some big townships.

We spent one night at Knysna and in the morning on the way to go further up the coast we stopped at the Lelievlei Nature Reserve to see the “Big Tree” (which turned out not to be so impressively big) and the Milwood Mine. This can give a good feeling of the short mining area of the region but otherwise there isn’t much around.

On the remaining drive from Knysna to Wilderness we stopped at the Sedgefield beach for the afternoon. 

In Wilderness we had a nice pizza at the Cocomo restaurant with live music and the next day a really good breakfast at the Green Shed (both in the town center). Before starting out on the drive to Oudtshoorn we enjoyed the view from the Map of Africa viewpoint (you can easily see why it is named that way by the first picture below):