De Hoop’s white dunes

Once back at the ocean from in-land Oudtshoorn, we spent an afternoon looking around Mossel Bay and at the beach there. The surroundings of Mossel Bay offer very nice beaches, both with calm waters in protected bays and with waves for surfing. 

However, we got bored of lying at the beach relatively fast and left Mossel Bay the very next day for the white dunes of De Hoop Nature Reserve. On the way we passed nice, rolling hills in an overall relatively dry landscape. One interesting part of the journey was the Pontoon Ferry in the little village of Malgas. It is a floating wood pontoon that is pulled across the river along a wire by two gentlemen as shown below:

Shortly after entering De Hoop the elegant white dunes along the coast became visible and make it obvious what this reserve is known for. Animals from various antilopes and turtles to all kinds of birds could also be seen.

We spent some time chilling in and exploring the dunes as well as tanning until just before sunset. Then we drove over to De Hoop Village inside the Reserve where we would spent the night.

So after all those great white dunes everyone was happy: