Oudtshoorn ostrich capital and the Cango cave

From Wilderness, we took a ride inland and a break from the beach in order to see the ostrich land and caves around Oudtshoorn. One reminder that this is in fact the ostrich capital of the world, beside all the ostrich farms that we saw on the way into town, was a new item in stock at the supermarkets:

(An equivalent of 3,90€ for an ostrich egg)

We arrived in the later afternoon on Oudtshoorn and after eating, stocking up on some supplies and washing our clothes we settled on our nice camping site for the night.

Oudtshoorn has one of the most famous cave of the country close by, the Cango Cave. It is an impressive cave system and an interesting tour guides visitors through the cave. Unfortunately, a lot of the more fragile and probably even more interesting stalagmites and stalactites have been broken off by visitors in the early days.

A nice result of engineering and mainly hard work is the Swartberg Mountain Pass, close to the Cango Caves. It is a gravel road leading up the Swartberg Mountain that is supported by many stone walls that have been built without using any cement. Along the road remain some ruins of housing for the prisoners who build this road over many years.

“Die Top” of the pass offers some very nice views over the surrounding valleys as well. This is where we turned back towards Oudtshoorn and then the coast.

Further on our way, we passed even more ostrich farms. Everything from carved ostrich eggs and ostrich meat to ostrich feather products is available in this region!