In Stellenbosch: Red red wine, you make me feel so fine!

So what’s there to do in Stellenbosch? Wine tasting of course! And that is what we did!

Although we had our own car, it wouldn’t have made much sense to do a self-drive wine tasting tour as we obviously wouldn’t get very far. Therefore, we wisely chose to visit four wineries with a minibus tour. The famous Simonsig winery (picture above) was the first stop. Already there we tried two red, two white, one sweet wine, one “South African champagne”, a “South African Porto” and a grappa – not a bad start for 10am.

On to the Fairview winery where we had wine with their matching in-house made cheese.

In the small town of Franschhoek we stopped for lunch, I had Boboti (a triditional meal based on minced meat, rice and eggs that is a mixture of Malea and South African culture) and of course a glass of wine. 

Next up was Dieu Donné, a winery with a great view on the valley around Franschhoek. 

Last but not least, we stopped at one more winery with an amazing view on the surrounding mountains on the way back to Stellenbosch.

In the evening we continued the tradition of the day at the local Italian restaurant with pizza and a bottle of wine from the region. Fun day!