Penguins and Cape Point

We left Stellenbosch and the lovely wine region in the morning from the Stumble Inn hostel en route to Cape Point. Hands up to the staff from the Stumble Inn who were kind enough to let us sleep in a different dorm in the middle of the night because the snoring of the only other guy in our dorm was the loudest we’ve ever heard (no kidding)! 

On our way to Cape Point, we stopped at Boulders Beach to see the penguins. As we were there, the moulting season for the penguins had just started (peak season in December). The moulting season is when the penguins lose their waterproof feathers and are confined to land for about 21 days.

Fun fact: The penguins are a monogamous species and they take turns with their lifelong partner to incubate their eggs and feed their chicks.

After enjoying the rather touristic (but must see) Boulders Beach, we headed on to Cape Point. There we walked the very popular ~30min route up to the lighthouse. From there we went on the Lighthouse Keepers Trail to get to the very end of Cape Point and had stunning views over the coastline.

We then walked to the Cape of Good Hope. Here’s the view of the Dias Beach on the way of this small hike:

…and of the cute hugging Chacma Baboons on our way:

We drove to Cape Town that same evening and encountered our very first traffic jam in Africa. Therefore, we ended up taking the more scenic route in land that gave us a nice view over Cape Town.