Cape Town: Downtown 

We stayed in Cape Town for a couple of days, mainly to visit the city and its surroundings but also to plan our further trip from here. So we gave our first rental car, a Hyndai i10 grande, back and rented a bit more off-road capable car, the Ford EcoSport for the next part of our trip to Namibia and Botswana. 

In town, we took a tour to the District Six that unfortunately became famous during Apartheid. It used to be a multi-cultural, dark-coloured community of inhabitants that were not allowed to live directly in the city center anymore due to their skin colour. Until, one day the Apartheid government decided to clear the area and all houses were slowely destroyed and the inhabitants driven further out of the city. Until this day, the settlement process for those families has not been completed and much of the area is still deserted.

A more lively area is the V&A Waterfront, where many restaurants, market and many touristic offers can be found.

Definitly the most colourful area is the Bokap, a neighbourhood that was originally build to house slaves outside of the city center but still close enough so they could work there during the day. There are many legends as to why the area is so colourful (many people repaint their houses every year!), but it was mainly a measure of bringing attention and support to a neighborhood that has often been neglected.

Another tour that we took was through the city center and by that way also through the history of Cape Town and of the rise and fall of slavery in the area. 

The evenings at the hotel bar offered amazing sunsets with the view over Cape Town and the surrounding mountains:

Special thanks to Pascale Fouché Laurent for all your recommendations!


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