Cape Town: Lion’s Head

Unfortunately, somehow our original post on this topic got deleted – so here is a quick summary of what we had previously written:

Our last afternoon in Cape Town we dedicated to Lion’s Head. It is a taxi ride from Cape Town and then roughly 40 minutes to hike up to the top including some steep steps/ladders if you dont want to take the long way around. 

And the view from the top is probably even nicer than from Table Mountain since you can see all along the coastline….

…as well as Table Mountain itself and all of Cape Town.

After a bit of searching we also found Willy’s cave on the way, which we had missed on the way up. From there you also have amazing views out of the cave and over the coastline and Table Mountain.

Our jealousy was high on the way back down when we saw a couple of paragliders rising quickly into the sunset with some amazing thermals – time to finish our license when we get back home next year!


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