A long ride into Namibia

On the 5th of November, we picked up a rental car again (Ford EcoSport this time) and set out towards Namibia. Just outside out Cape Town we picked up some last supplies, mainly gas for our camping cooker and some food. The same day we drove ~6h to make the nearly 600km to Springbok. Unfortunately, Gab had a allergy due to some food we ate on the way and we settled in a Motel in Springbok for the night.

The next morning we drove the remaining 250km to our first stop in Namibia (Ai-Ais) at the beginning of the Fish River Canyon. This was a very long and repetitive drive since, for the exception of the border posts, we saw nothing else than sand and very dry land. See the – hopefully working – gif below:

Other than a relative expensive lodge/campsite there is not much more in Ai-Ais really. So we went on a small hike into the beginning of the fish river canyon but the heat and the lack of truly interesting scenery drove us back towards the camp.

A nice relaxed evening at the pool seemed more appealing to us than hiking further in the heat.

The next day it was time to go the real Fish River Canyon, where we would have the view into the main section. But first up was another long ride through the desert where the rare trees felt like a real attraction.

The main section of the canyon was indeed impressive to watch from the top and it seemed to go on forever into the distance. Luckily no hiking is needed to get to the three main viewpoints 🙂