Searching for diamonds at Kolmanskoppe

We have been in Africa for more than a month now and although we knew that in Namibia a part of the population speak German, we were still surprised to find a German-language newspaper at the gas station in Aus. We filled up there in order to make the long drive to Lüderitz on the Namibian coast. Most of Namibia, especially in the South is full of nothing, nothing and more nothing. Interestingly enough this nothing is always different, from white, yellow to red sand or from hilly to insanely flat. So even seemingly long drives offer something else every now and then and sometimes even an abandoned house.

Lüderitz, a German settlement on the coast, still has an old German vibe to it. It really feels like this city is stuck in time (so cool!). German is still a much used language here.

A day trip from Lüderitz led us to the ghost town of Kolmanskoppe located in the middle of the desert. This town was build with big difficulties in the harsh desert environment due to large diamond finds. At the beginning, these diamonds could literally be picked up from the ground with no digging needed. However, as less and less diamonds were found and larger stones were further discovered near the Orange River, this town was abandoned pretty much over night and left to nature.

A quick jump into the local pool offered a welcome refreshment.

Just as the sand is overtaking the ghost town it is doing the same to all roads and rails to and from Lüderitz. The below railway is actually still in use and will need to be cleaned for the next train (not a frequent occurance) to drive to Lüderitz. Similarly, excavators are constantly keeping the main road into town free of sand.