Around Lüderitz and to Sossusvlei

After visiting the ghost town of Kolmanskoppe we had some time left ot explore the other surroundings of Lüderitz. We first set out on small coastal roads to the “Big Bay”. The drive led us along small coastal roads that we sometimes indistinguishable from the off-road environment except for the tire tracks. On the way we also passed by an abandoned ship.

The great bay was also home to a big salt falt that seemed to be flooded from time to time.

Further on we explored many other small roads in the area, many of which soon turned into small paths or came to a stop that we could not pass in our car.

After exploring many places along the coast with names such as “Essy Bay”, “Small Fjord”, “Halifax Point”, “Diaz Point” and so on we headed back to Lüderitz for Dinner and some nice wine at our guesthouse.

The next day we set out to Sossusvlei. We wanted to book a spot in the campground there but everything was booked out for the next four day. However we did not want to wait and made our way hoping for the best anyway. Again the roads were empty as usual, we took this picture on the main road there:

Duwisib Castle was located on the way and being this lone european-style castle in the middle of the desert made it a nice quick stop for us.

Once we finally got to Sossusvlei after yet another long day of driving we were lucky with the campground in the National Park where we managed to get a spot in “overflow area”. This meant that we could see the sunrise at the dunes the next day (if you sleep outside of the park you are only allowed to enter after sunrise). But first we had some time left to set up the camp and have dinner before enjoying the sunrise at a close by dune.