Another German experience in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund

On the way from Sossusvlei to Walvis Bay we passed the Tropic of Capricorn … 

… and some very unexpected landscapes, from rolling hills to canyons to unbelievably flat areas and spicky mountains. This stretch of road has probably been the most interesting scenery that we have passed within a day in Namibia. 

For the first hour or so after Sossusvlei, many campsites could easily be found on the side of the mainroad. The problem was that by the time we thought we should stop driving and find ourselves a camping spot, there seemed to be no more camping sites for a long stretch of the road. On our offline GPS map (“Maps.Me” – a great app!) we found a couple of campsite down the road but as we approached some of them they seemed to be creepy and abandoned. Since night was falling quickly, we decided to stay on the last of those campsite without a soul around us. We set up camp in a small cave and cooked ourselves a nice dinner before quickly falling asleep.  

The next morning the whole area was dipped into thick fog and an abandoned car wreck added to the mysterious scenery along the road. There are in fact so many car wrecks along the roads here!

We stopped for a nice breakfast at the waterfront in Walvis Bay before heading futher to Swakopmund. There German culture was present all around us in the Swakopmund Brauhaus. Everyone there spoke German, the food was German and of course the beer was German.

And even the architecture resembled old German style – so all in all we felt as if we were back home already…

…until we climbed a tower in the middle of the city and saw the sand dunes surrounding Swakopmund in the background. This town makes it easy to forget that we were in fact in the middle of the desert!