For us the Spitzkoppe was an interesting one night stop a bit inland before heading back to the ocean to drive along Skeleton Coast. The Spitzkoppe are basically some reddish mountains sticking out of the otherwise flat surroundings. 

To get to the central area of the park in this area you need to hire a guide (but don’t expect too much information from him, he is mainly there to stop visitors from damaging the rock paintings). He took us through some tight passes in the rocks.

And showed us three areas where Bushmen rock paintings can still be seen. A lot of which have unfortunately already been damaged by visitors. Below for example is depicted a lion.

The area also has two fragile-looking but still sturdy rock arches. Otherwise the unbearable heat stopped us from hiking further up the mountains that day.

Rather we decided to walk up a small chunck of rock and lie in the sun for the evening. We also cooked dinner on top while enjoying the setting sun. Here is Gab cooking in one of the erosion holes where there was no wind:

Our campsite, named “Dassie” was conveniently located at the bottom of that rock formation.