Back inland towards Etosha, Namibia’s biggest National Park

As with most of Namibia so far, getting from one location to the next includes many hours of driving. And getting from the Skeleton Coast to Etosha National Park was no different. So we set out in the morning in the dry and inhospitable landscape near the coast…

…until we arrived in the early afternoon in a more green and lively but still rather dry region in the south of Etosha National Park.

For the night we stayed just outside the national park at the Eldorado Farm – highly recommended! It is a very nice place with a relaxing swimming pool, where we spend most of the afternoon. They also had – what we have not seen in Namibia before – lush and thick grass on the campsite. So we were very happy to stay there in our tent.

On the farm we also saw a couple of Cheetahs. This seems to be quite a controversy in the area since they are held in an enclosure at the farm – a very large one but still an enclosure. The reason for this is that they would otherwise kill the farmer’s cattle and the farmers currently have no other solution to solve this predicament. And they seemed to be taken well care of.

In the later afternoon an impressive dust devil passed through the farm and was only a small sight of what was to come later that day.

In the early evening all of the sudden all hell broke loose. The wind picked up like crazy. It was raining down in buckets and visibility was getting lower and lower due to all the dust in the air. Luckily there was a kitchen where we cooked dinner and enjoyed a cool bottle of white wine from the bar. After dinner the thunderstorm had nearly died down. So all that was left to do was to clear all the sand out of the tent that had been blown in before we could settle for the night.