Daredevils in Victoria Falls’ devil’s pool

As soon as we crossed the border to Zambia, we felt as if we had finally reached the “real” Africa. The streets were crowded with people selling everything from fruits to bracelets, the only newish cars were tourist rental offroaders and all along the main street were little villages consisting of wood and mud huts.

We stayed in Livingstone for the next couple of days, not far from the Zambia-Zimbabwe-Namibia-Botswana border where we had crossed into Zambia. The main attraction of the region are the Victoria Falls at the Zambia-Zimbabwe border. We went there on our first day in town and because we were just at the beginning of the rainy season, the water level was still very low. This meant that we could go right up to the edge of the falls and swim right next to the drop in the so called devil’s pool.

We walked across a large section of the dry riverbed above the falls until we got to Livingstone Island. The famous devil’s pool is located just next to the island.

Then it was time to jump in! The pool is separated from the sheer drop of the falls only by a rock wall. So you can swim in the four meter deep pool or lay on the wall and enjoy the view down the waterfall.

It is truely an exilerating view, laying right at the edge and hanging your head over to get the view straight down the falls.

However, as you can see below the falls in the dry season don’t live up to their full potential as only the back section has water running down. After the rainy season, the falls will be roughly three times as wide and span the whole section seen here on the right.

Also highly recommended is the Royal Livingstone Hotel just next to the Zambezi River and especially its outdoor bar and terrace. From there, the falls are just in sight and mist rising up can be seen. Hippos can be seen from the bar while enjoying a nice cold beer…

…and when walking around the garden, the odd zebras aren’t far either: