From Botswana to Zambia

After a short couple of days in Botswana it was time for us to make our way into Zambia where we had to be in time for the start a multi-day canoe trip down the mighty Zambesi river. With the mighty Baobab trees in the rearview mirror, we left the Planet Baobab lodge behind and set out to Kasane. There we would be returning the undefeatable Ford EcoSport and cross the border.

The highlight of this drive were probably the elephants that suddenly stepped onto the road every now and then. One of them even followed the road for a while. But apparently the speed limit was to restrictive for him. Soon enough he therefore went back into the bush again to travel without restricting street rules.

Others just breefly crossed the road before us (Note also our three little companions that have joined us in this trip at a supermarket in Cape Town).

When we got to Kasane we found the smallest Europcar office in existence and returned our trusted EcoSport. For here on onwards we are back to public transport and our feet!

And being without a car started out lucky with the Europcar guy dropping us of at the border. The Botswana-Zambia border traffic croses via a small ferry. Here, there used to be a second ferry which is currently broken and the half-finished bridge is said to take another mere six years to be completed… I think we have just reached the “real” Africa! This situation here leads to trucks waiting for many kilometers along the main road and we were shocked to hear that the trucks may wait up to a week to cross the border!

However, the crossing went well and a taxi quickly took us to Livingstone where we will stay at the “Jolly Boys Hostel” for a couple of days.