Lagoinha do Leste, Brasil

So here is a post that somehow got forgotten in drafts folder: After Sao Paulo and before the Iguazu falls we went to Florianopolis and especially to the south of the island. We arrived in the early morning by nightbus and found a hostal in the southernmost village called Pântano do Sul. From there we […]

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Sao Paulo, Brasil

We arrived to Sao Paulo in the very early morning and first of all had to find a hostal. We must have looked at bit lost when we got out of the metro and somebody asked to help us with the directions, so we quickly found a hostal (recommendation from the Lonely Planet). After breakfast […]

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Paraty, Brasil

As there was nothing really to do for us in Angra dos Reis so we opted for the first morning bus and arrived in Paraty around 9am. But for the morning we were more interested in the natural waterslides of Cachoeira Toboga, a short busride outside of town: This massive and slippery rock was great […]

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Ilha Grande, Brasil

From Rio de Janeiro we arrived at Mangaratiba in the late afternoon and wanted to take the afternoon feerry over to Ilha Grande. But at the ferry terminal we found out that this ferry in the afternoon is only available on fridays so we were stuck in this village where we tought nothing was happening.  […]

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Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

When I woke up friday morning Matze already stood in our hostal and we set out to get supplys for a breakfast in the hostal. After breakfast and catching up for a while we set out on a self-guided tour of the center of Rio de Janeiro. Our starting point was the Praça Floriano with […]

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