In and around Trujillo, Peru

Our first visit of the day was Chan Chan, onces the biggest pre-Columbian city in the Americas and with about 10.000 structures the largest adobe city in the world. It has been constructed as the capital of the Chimú empire. Nowadays large parts of the centre of Chan Chan have been reconstructed and can be […]

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Huacachina, Peru

We arrived at Huacachina around lunchtime which gave us enough time to play in the sanddunes in the early afternoon 🙂 There is really nothing much to do in this little oasis, which is totally surrounded by sanddunes, appart from sand related activities like sandboarding, riding a buggy etc…. … And that’s exactly what we […]

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Nazca, Peru

In Nazca we decided that we would rather invest the 100€ or so that a 40 minute flight over the lines would cost in something else and only did a tour to some of the viewtowers. Nobody really knows what the purpose of these hundreds of lines and figures on the desert floor really was. […]

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