You can’t miss a night of vodka shots with polish friends when in Poland! Thank you Kasia for showing us around and giving us a bed to stay in!

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One of the locations for the movie “Schindler’s List”: Here we have a small view into the very impressive but totally overcrowded cathedral of the castle of Kraków: The infamous dragon and symbol of the city spitting real fire whenever he sees a virgin: Gab and her new friend:

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The city of dwarfs (there are over 200 of them hidden all over the city): The Mañana Bar, probably one of the coolest vintage bars but quite empty on a thursday night. One of the dwarfs on a chair:

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Warsaw II

After more than 90% of the Warsaw city center were destroyed in WWII it has been rebuilt in a more historical correct fashing according to the medieval times. Then in 1980 it was granted the UNESCO world heritage status. Traditional polish dumplings (Pierogi): Then we went to see the rooftop garden of Warsaw University, which […]

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First night in Warsaw… … and we already have girls on rainbows! Thanks Olga for showing us around and introducing us to the apple pie 🙂

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The next stop was the nice city of Poznań: Where people just for the fun of it go swimming in fountains: The best part probably was the main market square and the city hall, but a shame is that they won’t let anyone on its tower…

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