Philadelphia II

The next day after the wedding we went to Philly again to visit the city and the Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP). Because of the afterparty the night before we all felt a bit like this guy here: The ESP has a castle-like appearance from the outside (this here is a picture from the first time […]

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Jenna & Oscar’s Wedding

On sunday we finally had the event which brought us on this whole trip in the first place: the wedding of Jenna and Oscar! Everbody joined for the reception first: After that we all went together for a big dinner and dancing: Afterwards we had an afterparty together but there are no pictures available 😉

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Washington DC II

The second day in DC we went to the National Portrait Gallery in the morning where they have a complete collection of portraits of all the presidents of the US up to this day. We also walked along the Washington Mall and passed by the Capitol a couple of times: One of the awesome free […]

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Washington DC I

Friday morning we rented a car with Hiroto and Toki to go to Washington DC. After a three hours drive we arrived in DC at 1.45pm, what we though was just in time for a tour through the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to see how the US $ is produced, but unfortunatly for us […]

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Philadelphia I

After NYC, we went to Jenna & Oscar’s (a friend of Chris from back in NZ) and stayed there for the next day and then left on a daytrip to Philadelphia. There you could see a lot about the temporary capital of the USA and about its independence. We saw the independance hall and Liberty […]

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Our last day in NYC was just full of rain, so we went to the MET to see the Warhol exibition, the modern photography and hoping to go to the rooftop terrace but sadly the due to the rain the rooftop was closed. Nevertheless the exibitions were very interestiong. Later we went back to Times […]

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After we took the subway in the wrong direction for a couple of station we found this school where the kids had just been droped off in the typical buses. Of course we had to visit Wall Street but hundreds of other people had the same idea. So I am saving up now to buy […]

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