From Botswana to Zambia

After a short couple of days in Botswana it was time for us to make our way into Zambia where we had to be in time for the start a multi-day canoe trip down the mighty Zambesi river. With the mighty Baobab trees in the rearview mirror, we left the Planet Baobab lodge behind and […]

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Day visit to Simonga village

From Livingstone, we went on a day trip to a local village close by. It is called Simonga and a village tour for tourists is being organised by volunteers of the village. As we have been told this “tourist initiative” is a combined effort and the proceedings are used to improve life in the village […]

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Planet Baobab and Salt Flats

Due to the vast amount of sandy roads, having no 4×4 in Botswana limited our movements and options. The major roads are actually quite nice and paved, but our 2×4 had a hard time on the smaller sandy roads. We tried and managed to drive on the sand but obviously we got stuck in the […]

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