Alta Gracia, Argentinia

We got to Alta Gracia in the early afternoon. It is a little town in the south-east of Córdoba and famous only because of it’s estancia of the Jesuits and because Che Guevara spent his childhood there. And that is where we went first, the house of Che Guevara. The museum told us the story […]

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Córdoba, Argentina

A hostel was quickly found in Córdoba, although the first one threw us out again because he had forgotten about a reservation. In the city itself there isn’t too much to see but it has some nice spots which are worth a visit and for us filled half a day. On the way to the […]

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

In Buenos Aires we had our hostel at the the Plaza del Congreso which is from where we started exploring the downtown in the morning. This lead us along Avenida de Mayo and onto the Plaza de Mayo with it’s Casa Rosada (pink house), which is Argentina’s official presidential palace: The palace’s pink color has […]

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Piriápolis, Uruguay

When we arrived to Piriápolis in the evening the town seemed desterted. Nearly all the hostals and hotels that we passed we closed (it was totally dead tourist wise) and the few ones that were open were either too expensive or full. We walked around for quite a while, helped a guy push start his […]

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Trinidad, Paraguay

From Posadas in Argentina we started on a day trip to the ruins of the Jesuit Misions in Trinidad, Paraguay. This meant taking a city bus across the border (you have to get off to do exit & entry formalities and then get back on the next one) to a city called Encarnación just behind […]

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